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1-Out-1962Danish folk high schoolsKAVALIER, Helena
1963N. F. S. Grundtvig and the folk high schoolsKULICH, Jindra
1967A Philosophy for adult educationBERGEVIN, A.
1968The Provincial Folk School in Finland.HEIKKI, Leskinen
1969A Programmatic Foundation for an Adult Education Progran in Black Identity for the Congress of Racial Equality.OKIA, Martha Gray
1971Natiolist origin of folk schools: THE ROMANTIC VISIONS OF N.F.SFAIN, E. F.
1972Continuing Education as a National Capital Investment. Adult Education in Denmark, France, and West Germany para EUASTRINER, Herbert E.
Jan-1973The Folk High Schools, their Role and Activity today.RØRDAM, Thomas
Jan-1973The Rise and Growth of the Danish Folk High School.SKOVMAND, Roar
Jan-1973Grundtvig, The Danish Folk High School and the Developing Countries.BJERRE, Sven Erik
1978The Polish Folk High Schools.KULICH, Jindra; BRON-WOJCIECHOWSKA, Agnieszka
1979Os pensadores: KierkegaardKIERKEGAARD, Søren
1980The rebirth of a civic culture through the humanities - the danish experienceWINTERS, R. Oakley
Jan-1981The Danish folk high school adapts to a new worldCORL, Samuel S.
1982El Concepto De Angustia.KIERKEGAARD, Søren
1983Grundtvig's ideas in North America: influences and parallels-
1983Denmark factsheet: NFS Grundtvig-
1983Eduard C Lindeman and the idea of lifelong learning in AmericaSTEWART, David W.
1983Danish FHS of todayANDRESSÉN, Arne
1983Lifelong Learning Research Conference Proceedings-